Cripple Creek's newest girl Trixie

Trixie is a daughter of Angel and grand daughter of Goldie

Welcome to Cripple Creek German Shepherds!

Goldie's gorgeous daughter -  Angel!
Goldie's gorgeous daughter - Angel!

Welcome to Cripple Creek German Shepherds!  We are breeders of quality German Shepherd dogs with excellent dispositions.    Please enjoy the following photos and feel free to contact us if you are looking for a puppy and are interested in meeting our dogs.  Our male "Thunder" is our four year old and the girls we breed are "Tumbleweed" and "Angel".  We have retired our Goldie but we still breed her sister, her daughter and soon, her grand daughter!


We sell only puppies at the age of eight weeks of age or a bit older - we never sell our adult dogs.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions you cannot find an answer for on this website.  Thank you.

Cripple Creek Maine Boy Thunder

 What a spitfire he is!  He was four years old in May and is a very handsome dog!  He is getting as large as we thought he would - he weighs approximately 115 - 120 pounds and still loves to play anytime he can find a willing partner - he gets along with everyone and loves to eat - he is such a personable is good here at Cripple Creek Farm.  A real handsome boy. 

Thunder at 8 weeks of age
Thunder at a year old or so
Thunder at almost two years old

Our Beautiful Goldie......

German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in New York

 We are breeders of quality German Shepherd dogs which began when we purchased our very first girl in 1989. 

We take great pride in our dogs as loving, protective and beautiful family members.  Our dogs are registered with the AKC and produce wonderful, sturdy and strong pups.

Please explore this site to learn about our dogs and call or email us to ask any questions you may have about our shepherds.

Thank you for visiting us.

Below is a photo of our girls, Cripple Creek Lucky's Liberty Gold - "Goldie" is what we call her and  Cripple Creek Lucky's Tumbleweed, "Tumbleweed" and below them is Goldie's daughter, our girl, Cripple Creek Goldie's Little Angel (that is NOT what we call her).  This year, we have kept a daughter out of Thunder and Angel.  She was born in mid-February 2019 and her name is Cripple Creek Thunder's "Trixie".  When you come to visit, you get to meet our girls and see their fine dispositions!  
 Thank you.

Our Family

Goldie as a pup
Goldie with her daughter Angel
Goldie in the March snow
our gorgeous girl, Tumbleweed
Tumbleweed on guard
greetings from Tumbleweed
Tumbleweed helping me make a path
Angel as a pup
Angel at eight months
Angel again
Angel with her first litter
Angel - March 2018
Angel's daughter Trixie